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Fruitful Vale EDSN Research to Practice Project  

The EDSN Fruitful Vale Research to Practice project combines efforts that protect the environment, encourage local food security, promote economic, and quality of life development in rural communities.   This project employs a horticulture biodiversity strategy that provides alternatives to mono-crop farming.   This strategy is particularly relevant for sustainable food security development in Portland rural mountainous terrains.   The project offers incentives for preserving indigenous vegetation and biodiversity by affording reliable market for small batches of fruits, vegetables, and other produce that generally go to waste or left unharvested.   EDSN research to practice projects enable hard working and industrious groups of individuals to use horticultural solutions to develop their communities into vibrant food secure and economically sustainable environments in ways that they view as important.

The EDSN Foundation helps all in neighborhood communities participate and have shared equity in the transformation of their worlds.   One area of focus is economic and quality of life development around horticultural solutions: potted plants, flowers, cocoa, coffee, pimento, nutmeg, local seed bank, annatto, castor-oil, among other native plants.   The Fruitful Vale Research to Practice project is part of EDSN’s PlexLearning lifestyle programs that helps to remove barriers, fill gaps, and build bridges between formal education, informal learning, entrepreneurship, and career management.   These programs enable participants to navigate predatory and competing interests as part of our efforts to advance equitable, academic, workforce, economic, and quality of life developments both in rural village and urban neighborhood communities.

Research to Practice programs offer small neighborhood groups incubator services, technical training, and certification opportunities that help people thrive in-place.   These place-based programs allow people of all ages with diverse interests and career paths to participate.   Our programs cover a wide range of topics from economic, workforce, local governance, and quality of life development with special focus on urban neighborhood and rural village community.   Basic membership to many of our programs is free with active participation.   Active participation involves preparation to take technical certification programs which include Microsoft, CISCO, Google, AWS among others.   Active participation also includes other practical skills development, entrepreneurship incubator activities, and Research to Practice partnership and scaffolding projects.

EDSN Foundation help people convert their time and effort into successful careers, useful community engagements, and rewarding quality of life.   All is needed to start is an investment of just a few hours each day following one of the Plexlearning programs with curriculums developed and managed by the Education for Development and Support Network.   Individuals working in small groups can use these Plexlearning curriculums as scaffolding to achieve opportunities technologies afford as well as to manage side effects and responsibilities these technologies bring.   For more information, call (876) 431-0826 or email: martincynthia91@yahoo.com.

Carna Investments Ltd is an open education service provider for long-term personal and neighborhood community development.   The capacity as service provider enables self-help shared interest groups to leverage open education and charitable support into sustainable enterprises.   Carna Investments Ltd maintains managed networks that afford governance, relevant education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge) and agency to local small self-help enterprises.   Agency includes access to social capital, open knowledge tools, individualized services, and privileged benefits for navigating ebbs and flows of a complex globalized marketplace towards purposeful and dignified lives.

Celebrating ten years of Trees That Feed project in Fruitful Vale with local farmers Cynthia Martin and Wenton (Tan) Baugh are: Mr. Maragh from Jamaica Producers, Mary Mcclaughlin from The Trees That Feed foundation, Kevin Douglas and Clifton Wilson from Jareeach (ACDI/VOCA). See more Food That Feed Images

This project is a member of the Carna Resources Food Security Partnership Program

Who We Are

We are a local 5-person Shared Interest Community (SIC) enterprise that combines environmental protection, applications of open education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge), local food security, and jobs creation in one long-term project

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  • Address: Fruitful Vale Portland, Jamaica West  Indies

  • Phone: (876) 431-0826

  • Email: martincynthia91@yahoo.com