Fruitful Vale Horticultural & Farm to Plate Project  

The Fruitful Vale Horticultural Farm to Plate Project (FPP) is a Shared Interest Community (SIC) that combines environmental conservation, local food security and jobs creation in one long-term enterprise.   FPP horticulture biodiversity strategy provides alternatives to small mono-cropping (primarily associated with agriculture).   This strategy is particularly relevant for sustainable neighborhood development in our mountainous terrain.   The project provides incentives for preserving indigenous vegetation and biodiversity by enabling reliable cash market for local crops in small amounts that generally go to waste or left unharvested.   For example, cocoa bean, pimento, annatto, castor oil, nutmeg, peanuts, and different varieties of beans.   FPP allows hard working and industrious individuals to develop their communities into vibrant economically sustainable environments in ways that are important to them.

We are recruiting local agents for purchasing, producing and marketing potted plants and flowers.   We are also recruiting business partners for purchasing, packaging, and marketing local produce and crops (cocoa, pimento, nutmeg, annatto, castor-oil etc.) as part of a more reliable market infrastructure for small farmers.   Fruitful Vale FPP is part of Carna Resources long-term strategy for establishing a vibrant network economy for Jamaican rural small farmers and gardeners.   We believe independent and vibrant networks that provide practical or “valuable” reasons for maintaining and protecting the environment one neighborhood or village at a time are essential for promoting sustainable diversity of the Jamaican environment.   For more information, contact Cynthia Martin by phone: (876) 431-0826 or email:

Also, we are looking for highly motivated entrepreneurs with proficiency in computer languages, mathematics, computer graphics, amination, and video editing.   we purchase high quality Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) application videos at JA$2,500 per minute: see examples here.   The videos must have relevant content and themes to Fruitful Vale and neighboring communities.   In addition, we are also seeking partners in producing relevant, attractive and informative webpages.   Depending on availability of funds we offer a modest stipend for each accepted webpage.   Training in video editing, content development, graphic and webpage design are available for interested individuals.   For more information, contact Cynthia Martin by phone: (876) 431-0826 or email:

This SIC is managed by Carna Resources Jamaica Ltd in partnership the Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN) Foundation (   The EDSN foundation provides scaffolding loans and grants for charitable purposes that allow self-help SICs to access appropriate digital tools for maximizing partnerships and privileged opportunities emerging technologies afford as well as for managing side effects and responsibilities these technologies bring.   EDSN loans, grants and scholarships are from individuals, governments, businesses, colleges, universities and non-profit civic-institutions with development interest in Fruitful Vale and neighboring communities.

Carna Resources ( is an open education service provider for long-term personal and neighborhood development.   The capacity as service provider enables self-help SICs leverage open education and charitable support into sustainable enterprises.   Carna Resources (Carna) maintains managed networks that afford governance, relevant education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge) and agency to local small self-help enterprises.   Agency includes access to social capital, open knowledge tools, individualized services, and privileged benefits for navigating ebbs and flows of a complex globalized marketplace towards purposeful and dignified lives.

Celebrating ten years of Trees That Feed project in Fruitful Vale with local farmers Cynthia Martin and Wenton (Tan) Baugh are: Mr. Maragh from Jamaica Producers, Mary Mcclaughlin from The Trees That Feed foundation, Kevin Douglas and Clifton Wilson from Jareeach (ACDI/VOCA). See more Food That Feed Images

This project is a member of the Carna Resources Food Security Partnership Program

Who We Are

We are a local 5-person Shared Interest Community (SIC) enterprise that combines environmental protection, applications of open education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge), local food security, and jobs creation in one long-term project

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  • Address: Fruitful Vale Portland, Jamaica West  Indies

  • Phone: (876) 431-0826

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